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We offer iPhones, Samsung, iPad, Tablet, Cracked Screen, Water Damage, Charging Port Repair Services

Smart Phones

We fix it all!

We repair iPhones, iPads, iPods, HTC, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola, BlackBerry, Alcatel, Nokia, Kyocera, Pantech, BLU, Maxwest, and of course all Samsung Galaxy Series.

Our goal is to become your trusted smartphone repair shop in St. Louis. Our team has years of experience troubleshooting the most popular devices and have completed thousands of repairs to date. We are always stocked with hundreds of replacement parts for the fastest turn-around possible. Most importantly, we understand how important your device is to your daily life, and that is why our technicians strive to complete any task the same day and get you back on track!

Fast, Friendly, Flawless!

Stop by today and get a FREE quote!

Cracked Screen

Quit cutting your fingers!

Communication Depot is your source for any glass related repair. Our technicians are trained to replace broken, damaged, cracked, and discolored screens on any smartphone. Both LCD & Digitizer replacements are our specialty to ensure we return your device to its original state. We also repair cracked screens on tablets such as iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

Most screen repairs are done on the spot, and the latest the same day! Make sure to ask us how to get 50% of a screen protector when you repair your phone at our locations!

Affordable, Reliable, and Local!

Water Damage

Did your phone take a swim? Let us help! We house state of the art equipment that is designed to resolve the worst of water damaged devices. Some of the phones we have bought back to life include:

  • Dropped into the toilet
  • Dipped in the Mississippi
  • Toddler sucking on the end of the phone
  • Phones that have been through a full wash cycle
  • Phones in coffee/beer/drink glasses. (Our favorite unfortunately!)

Usually water damaged devices can be a rough obstacle to resolve. We will not charge you if we cannot repair your phone and we will always let you know how much the repair will cost before go ahead and do the work. Water damaged phones usually take between 2-3 days to test due to the nature of the damage. Stop by today and get a free estimate!


Bricked or tried to install custom software on your phone, after you saw a YouTube video?

Our technicians specialize in software-rebuilds to ensure your device is restored to its original state. Software repairs include:

  • Unlocking
  • Security code removal
  • Software crashes and rebuilds
  • Software reboots and frozen startups
  • Version updates and data recovery
  • Internet not working
  • Multimedia messages not working (TXT/MMS)

At Communication Depot your data is secure and always treated with privacy. Please note that most software work will involve data loss.


Phone stop charging? People not hearing you anymore? Don't get frustrated, let us fix it!

Our trained technicians are ready to tackle any of hardware issues! We can resolve:

  • Buttons not working.
  • WIFI or internet issues.
  • Charging Port / Damaged USB Port.
  • Short battery life or overcharging.
  • Microphone / Earpiece
  • And much more!

Tablets & PC

Did the little one drop the iPad one too many times?

Bring it by and let us take care of it! Just like smartphones, we can repair numerous different issues with tablets such as

  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad AIR
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 1
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 2
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 3

And of course, let us fix your notebook! Tired of pop-ups, sluggish performance, viruses and malware. When Windows breaks down on you, bring your device and let us restore it to perfect health.

We know that your device is one of your favorite belongings. And when that piece of your heart goes down, we know that it hurts. Let us fix your device within a wink of an eye.


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